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Makita HK

Makita Power Tools (HK) Limited was incorporated in 1992 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Makita Corporation. Our principal is to bring professional power tools, parts and accessories, as well as innovative new products from Makita Corporation to our customers.
Through out the years, we not only have established strong network with numerous Makita Dealers and Maintenance Services Shops in Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia. But also, Makita Showroom, Demo-Truck and Macau Service Centre are always ready to serve your needs. We pledged to provide convenient sales network and comprehensive after-sales service to our valuable customer and user.

In 1958, Makita Corporation, founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company, became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell portable electric planers. Over the half century since, Makita has worked to build a steady position as a manufacturer of portable power tools. Today, Makita continues to provide products and services that are beneficial to all types of customers engaged in housing construction. Makita’s history is one of close interaction with customers and parallels the evolution of power tools. As a leading manufacturer and marketer of power tools, Makita operates a network of production, direct bases and service offices in Japan and more than 50 countries around the world. The ratio of overseas production exceeds 88% on a unit basis, and about 82% of consolidated sales come from overseas markets. Through the power of its brand, supported by technology, quality and after-sales support, Makita has secured a powerful competitive advantage and established a solid position as a leader in the global power tools market.
Always placing itself in the customer’s position, Makita aims to be a global supplier of a comprehensive range of power tools that assist people in creating homes and living environments, while continuously striving to become a truly global corporation. On the basis of this stance, by continuing to develop marketleading products, we aim to become a consistently strong company. With this, we mean a company that can capture and maintain worldwide market leadership as a global total supplier of professional power tools, gardening equipment and pneumatic tools to customers around the world.

牧田香港的服務範圍包括:香港、澳門市場。主要負責銷售牧田專業工具、零配件,推廣介紹 各種新開發產品,配合牧田陳列室、流動示範服務車、澳門服務中心、多家經銷商和維修服務店,向廣大的客戶 和用戶,提供完善銷售網絡和售後服務。

株式會社牧田,設立在日本愛知縣,擁有設備先進的綜合研究所,率先採用科技先進的大型電腦進行立體設計,全自動機械生產設備,專 業人員負責設計和管理。每年不斷地開發高科技產品,經過嚴格品質檢驗和安全測試,供應給世界各地不同行業的需要。



Bosch Power Tools in Asia-Pacific & Middle East

The Power Tools division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for portable electric power tools and power tool accessories. With production facilities located in China, India, Malaysia and our distribution networks located in almost all Asian countries, our business is distinctly focused on the specific requirements of the Asian markets. Please be invited to find out more about our business in following page.






博世集團的電動工具及附件是全球市場的領導者, 並以以客為本及把持優良的產品研發過程為大前提。博世成功主因是其勇於創新的態度及實力。 每一年, 博世電動工具都會在市場上發佈新的產品。在2012年, 新產品在博世所有產品中貢獻了40%的銷售表現。博世電動工具,附件,測量及園藝工具都在市場上取得優悅表現。

現時, 博世集團旗下品牌 Dremel在香港售賣廣泛的產品包括: 旋轉刀具, 鋸, 多功能刀具等。 其應用包括: 切割, 研磨, 清潔, 拋光等, 不但為使用者帶來全面及靈活的方案, 更為大眾提供高效能和高精準度的技術, 使每位用家對Dremel產品充滿信心。此外, Dremel 更考慮到香港藝術工作者及手工藝工作者的需要, 研發出一系列產品針對他們的工作, 使他們在設計及工作時更得心應手。

博世集團的電動工具及附件是全球市場的領導者, 並以以客為本及把持優良的產品研發過程為大前提。博世成功主因是其勇於創新的態度及實力。 每一年, 博世電動工具都會在市場上發佈新的產品。在2012年, 新產品在博世所有產品中貢獻了40%的銷售表現。博世電動工具,附件,測量及園藝工具都在市場上取得優悅表現。

現時, 博世集團旗下品牌 Dremel在香港售賣廣泛的產品包括: 旋轉刀具, 鋸, 多功能刀具等。 其應用包括: 切割, 研磨, 清潔, 拋光等, 不但為使用者帶來全面及靈活的方案, 更為大眾提供高效能和高精準度的技術, 使每位用家對Dremel產品充滿信心。此外, Dremel 更考慮到香港藝術工作者及手工藝工作者的需要, 研發出一系列產品針對他們的工作, 使他們在設計及工作時更得心應手。

DongCheng東成-logo-China DongCheng東成-logo

Jiangsu Dongcheng M&E Tools Co., Ltd., the Director of China Electric Tool Association, is one of the key backbone enterprises manufacturing professional power tools in China. With a high-class industrial production base, which covers 112,800㎡ while the building area 58,000㎡, the company owns lots of advanced production equipments and testing apparatus and has a group of professional senior engineers and a team of intermediate and senior executives and technicians. Now the company employs totally more than 2700 staff.

Dongcheng Company manufactures various types of power tools and their spare parts. All the power tools produced by Dongcheng have passed the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) authentication, if within the range of it. Dongcheng product is widely used in the fields of building construction and decoration, home decoration, stone industry, shipbuilding industry, and water conservancy project etc. The company has lots of distributors in all large and medium cities throughout China and also exports its products to South-East of Asia, Middle East and South America, more than 30 countries & districts.

Ensuring products quality and pursuing customers'satisfactory is the first policy of Dongcheng. As a company with a certified ISO9001:2008 QMS, the whole process of quality assurance, from the inspection of raw materials and components to the safety inspection before the products leaving factory, is controlled by professional technicians to ensure high quality. Bases on optimal product performance and good reputation in the market, “Dongcheng” brand and its product have been approved as “Jiangsu Famous Brand” since 2003 .

Target “Professional Power Tools, Keep Improving Unceasingly”, Dongcheng is keeping constantly innovation in techniques to improve product quality, so as to supply the best products and services to all customers.







Hitachi 日立

Since the establishment of its first Company in 1964, Hitachi in Hong Kong has developed into a well-organized conglomerate with more than 20 affiliated institutions, 1,500 above of employees, and US$ 4 billion of annual sales turnover.

Since 1948 Hitachi Koki Company Ltd. has been an independent member of the broadly diverse Hitachi group. Hitachi Koki’s relationship with its parent company brings important benefits to customers. These benefits include immediate access to the latest advancements in metallurgy,motor design and electronics – often long before these technologies appear in other manufacturers’ product. An example of this benefit is the ultra-high speed motor developed by Hitachi for use in medical centrifuges. Hitachi Koki uses the same armature balancing technology in developing electric motors for its line of power tools.




DEVON is a premium power tool brand introduced by Chervon to serve industrial and professional users. The DEVON power tools are designed and built with the world top standards of the industry, ensuring tools of outstanding performance under most severe working conditions. We help to build a better world by building better tools! As a Chinese enterprise with a global vision, CHERVON is committed to greatly improving the world’s opinion of products “Made in China.” Through relentless effort and our persistent pursuit of high quality and innovation, we strive to earn the world’s respect!




Chervon specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing, testing, sales, and after-sale services for electric power tools and related product categories. With its well-earned reputation for continual innovation and its dedicated pursuit of quality, CHERVON has established extensive and solid strategic partnerships with the top home centers, department-store chains, distributors, and power-tool-brand manufacturers around the world. CHERVON products are now sold by more than 30,000 top chain stores in 65 countries. CHERVON is one of the top-ten providers of power tools worldwide.