Bosch博世 GAS 12-25 吸水吸塵兩用吸塵機 GAS15PS(WET/DRY SUITABLE) GAS12-25

  • Consistent & powerful suction: Patented “self-cleaning” technology cleans filter automatically and offers consistent & strong suction.
  • Dust-free work space: 99.95% of fine dust (>0.3 micron) is filtered while vacuuming with H13 HEPA filter
  • Reduced cost of ownership: Pre-filter technology increases main filter lifespan 3 times


首批優惠價 GAS 12-25 $1450

片中介紹為GAS12-25PS款是在機上設有多一個插座, 其他基本一樣, 香港行貨暫時沒來有插座款)

香港行貨只來GAS 12-25。  

Max. input power* 1,350 W
Weight* 9 kg
Container volume, net* 21 l
Dust class of wet/dry extractor L
Rated input power 1,250 W
Container volume, gross 25 l
Container volume, net, water 16 l
Dust bag volume, net 20 l
Dust class L
Tool dimensions (width) 380 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 483 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 453 mm
Filter surface area 2,300 cm²
Max. airflow rate (turbine) 65 l/s
Max. vacuum pressure (turbine) 200 mbar
Wheels, number 4