Bosch博世 GDE 18V-16 HEPA集塵器(適用於GBH18V-26F等) GDE18V-16

  • Integrated HEPA dust extraction system – meets OSHA’s silica exposure limits for concrete drilling, averaged over an 8-hour day, according to independent testing
  • Attaches to GHB18V-26 rotary hammer – provides a self-contained dust solution for max mobility
  • Bosch PRO+GUARD™ – provides dust-protection solutions to help users move toward compliance with the OSHA silica dust regulation
  • HEPA filter – captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger
  • Auto power-on feature – delivers power to attachment when the user pulls the hammer trigger
  • Two-second power-off delay – delays the auto-power-off to collect remaining dust
  • Dust Eye – supplies a target for easier drilling with attachment
  • Dust container – provides dust capacity for over 40 holes a 1/4 In. bit drilling 6 In. of concrete, and it has an inspection window
  • Tool battery compatible – mounts to the terminals of the tool, allowing use of hammer battery so no extra battery required
  • Aluminum guide rail – furnishes a maximum drilling depth of up to 3.93 In.



Bosch博世 GBH 18V-26F (2×6.0Ah) 油壓鑽(無碳刷馬達)(*德國制造) GBH18V-26F