EGO 16吋充電式鏈鋸(無碳刷馬達)(鋰56V)(淨機) CS1600E

  • 美國40cm Oregon超強導板加上Oregon-90PX切割鏈條;
  • 配備高效率無刷電機,動力強勁,切割木頭速度快。
  • 與普通有刷電機相比,EGO鏈鋸使用的無刷電機具有壽命長,
  • 動力強,噪音低,免維護等優點。



The EGO POWER+ Chain Saw is a powerful rechargeable product using the first-ever 56V Lithium-ion battery.
Features include: a 40cm bar and chain with a high-efficiency brushless motor which provides a smooth fast cut. The brushless motor extends the life of the tool and the battery run time.

Brand: EGO Power+
Battery: Lithium-ion (not included)
Battery Voltage: 56V
Battery Charger: Not included
Motor: Brushless
Bar / Chain: Oregon / Oregon – 90PX
Guide Bar Length: 40cm / 16″
Chain Speed: 12m/s
Cuts per Battery Charge: 2.0Ah battery: <100 cuts (100 x100mm)
5.0Ah battery: <250 cuts (100 x 100mm)
7.5Ah battery: <375 cuts (100 x100mm)
Chain Tensioning: Tool-less
Chain Brake: Yes
Automatic Chain Lubrication: Yes
Oil Tank Capacity: 0.15L
Weight: 4kg
Shipping Dimensions: L: 64cm x W: 30cm x H: 30cm, 6kg


CS1400E (3)CS1400E(3)

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